For Celestron's 60th Anniversary, our team was tasked to design a limited-edition product with a retro-future aesthetic. Intuitively, the first place I went to seek inspiration was the exotic car market.
In the research stage, I came across a uniquely built Rolls-Royce wheel emblem, so we prototyped a 3D print with a ball bearing and presented the concept to management. The "spinner" was an instant hit! The Celestron emblem was able to maintain its position as the telescope moves along the altitude-axis, solving a problem engineers have been seeking a solution to for years.
With the help of the marketing department, we incorporated interchangeable magnetic emblems to give the customer customizability. The carbon fiber tube combined with its badges exemplifies a retro-future aesthetic with an homage to the classic1970 Celestron C8.


V1 and V2 concept spinner design

The presented prototype

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