Who (qui)
What (que/quoi)
Where (où)
When (quand)
How (comment)
Why (pourquoi)

How much or how many (combien)
Who/which (quel/quels/quelle/quelles)
Whose (à qui)
Of what (à quoi)
Which one (lequel, laquelle)
1. ______ is your hometown?

2. ______ did you travel here?

3. ______ do you do in your free time?

4. _______ do you studying English?

5. _______ is your hero?

6. _______ is your favorite food?
7. ________ was your favorite subject in school?

8. ________ is your least favorite subject?

9. ________ genre of films do you like?

10. _______ do you go shopping?

11. If you could live anywhere, _______ would it be?

12. If you had a super-power, ________ would it be? 
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